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Frequently Asked Questions

Investment Amount (BTC):

Hourly: 0.0000000 BTC

Daily: 0.0000000 BTC

Monthly: 0.0000000 BTC


BITYARD TRADING LTD is an experienced team of professionals from various economic and finance fields. Wide knowledge of trade markets and own trading strategies enable us to carry out income-generating activities and to produce a profit for numerous customers all over the world.
BITYARD TRADING LTD is officially registered in the UK under number 11129573. To check the data, we recommend visiting the website of Companies House: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10737974
Of course! We are happy to meet you at our London office at 104 ST DAVIDS SQUARE, ISLE OF DOGS, LONDON, E14 3WB.
You can register multiple accounts, for example, for your friends or relatives. Of course, you can register multiple accounts with same ip address.
Pass a short registration procedure on the website and you can start investing with our automated platform. This does not require any further actions or verification of identity from you.


Given the fact that our company is involved in cryptocurrency mining, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheruem, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash is our only payment method.
You can invest with any service which is the provider of Bitcoin wallets (addresses). If you do not have such a wallet, please register it at the following address https://blockchain.info or https://www.block.io.
Bitcoin address looks like a set of letters and numbers, the length of which is from 27 to 34 characters, it is your identity in the network. Your address should have the following format: 17EtEbMgunupShBVTewXjtqbBv5MndwfVbp.
You can find cryptocurrency sellers here: https://howtobuybitcoins.info
You can invest any amount more than 20 USD. And there is no limit for maximum deposit.
In the deposit creation section of your account, select the necessary investment plan, enter the amount, select the payment source (send the amount from your wallet or invest from the account balance).
In case of using Bitcoin, the accrual may take some time: as a rule, it takes from 3 to 6 Bitcoin network confirmations. The processing time is from 30 to 90 minutes.
All Bitcoin operations are confirmed by a Bitcoin network. Every single computer in the Bitcoin network confirms your transaction, increasing the total number of confirmations. When the number of confirmations reaches a specific threshold, usually from 3 to 6, the funds appear in the recipient’s account. Usually, such a process takes from up to 90 minutes.
You can have several deposits, we do not limit their number. Each of your deposits has unique conditions, proper time of profit accrual and profit margins.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD.
There is no maximum amount for withdrawal.
Your profits is accrued depending on chosen investment plan: every hour, daily or after the only end of investment period.
Yes, profits are also accrued on Saturdays and Sundays.
Once your balance is equal to or more than 2 USD, you can make a request for withdrawal of profits in the “Withdraw funds” section. Before you make a claim, make sure that your wallets ID in the account settings is correct. Your request for profit withdrawal will be processed instantly. The data of this operation are available in the section “Withdrawals history”..
Our system allows you to accumulate funds on the balance of your account, which you can use as a source for the creation of a new deposit.
BITYARD TRADING LTD has no any fees for withdrawal of profit or for return the deposit.

Referral Program

Yes, we offer a 6% - 1% - 1% commission for all deposits from members referred by you.
All members are automatically part of the referral program. Please use your unique referral link in the members area to promote our program.
No deposit is required to earn referral commission. You only need to have a downline that makes a deposit.
You will receive referral commission in your account balance as soon as your downline makes a deposit.


You can recover your password using the "Forgot Password" link at login. Your password will be sent to the e-mail address on your account.
We use an SSL from Comodo with 256-bit encryption to ensure the privacy and security of all information entered on our site. We are also hosted on a DDOS Protected Dedicated Server from DDOS-Guard, a leading provider of DDOS protected hosting.
The protection of your account is our top priority which is why we have several security measures in place to deter hackers:

- All server data is automatically backed up every hour to ensure the rapid restoration of all site data in the event that there is any security breach.

- We utilize multiple accounts for each payment method to spread out risk and ensure that our program can continue running in the unlikely event that a hacker is able to breach any of our accounts.

- We also have several internal security measures in place for the protection of our server and software to lower the risk of a breach from both inside and outside sources. In order to maintain secrecy, we do not publically discuss these measures.

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